US-backed Pakistani groups attack Bombay again

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Mon Sep 15 18:50:10 PDT 2003

I dont agree with everything that's written here - but the perspective is interesting.

US-backed Pakistani groups attack Bombay again

I was in the realm of theory on this forum till a few hours ago - when the city I live in was rocked by bomb blasts - and 45 Bombayites have died in the last few hours - and three times as many have been seriously injured.

This is the sixth set of blasts in 9 months.

Everybody, but everybody knows it's the handiwork of Pakistan-funded terrorist groups: Lashkar-e-Toiba and perhaps its occasional collaborators, SIMI. Just like the earlier 5 blasts were.

Why Bombay? Because, like New York, it is not the seat of policy-making (that is New Delhi), but the center of business in the country. Also, unlike Delhi, because it is lax about security.

Why the blasts - for the aim is, like it was during 9/11, to 'shock the country'. And who's behind them?

Not some shady Saudi financiers. But the US-propped military regime in Pakistan that exists in a delicate balance of power - keeping hardliners happy by funding these ultimately pointless incursions into India - while deflecting interest away from the rotten state the country is in - and the much-reviled American presence in their own nation.

This is old hat for Pakistani governments - I tar not the average Pakistani citizen who wants peace, and shares a deep cultural heritage with the average Indian, but the succession of non-democratic regimes there supported by American taxpayer money - that keeps the ridiculous, hurtful, wasteful attacks going.

Pakistan is still the same nation that asks Bush for a billion dollars in 'aid' for security, and then turns around and strikes an agreement saying it will protect Osama bin Laden and not allow him to be captured while he hides, as he does now, in Pakistani territory.

It is still the nation that coddles and protects India's most wanted criminal, Dawood Ibrahim, in resplendent luxury, fed with a diet of wine, women and weapons - for he guides the hands that presses the remote controls on the explosives.

No, this is not the realm of armchair theory any more.

I sit seething here, livid at some political theorist in Maryland, who shushes the US government up into looking the other way, and convinces the powers that be to continue funding the military dictator in Islamabad, saying these are minor blips in the geopolitical landscape spread before them.

In our 56 years as a nation we Indians have NEVER attacked another first. We have been attacked 5 times - and we lost once to China in 1962 - and roundly defeated Pakistan the other 4 times.

Should we, as the US did, take arms and decisions into our own hands and 'go after' the groups in Pakistan? Will the US ambassabor tell us, once again, to shush, quiet, all will be well and let the US take care of it, like it supposedly did last time, doing nothing whatsoever?

Am I just ranting again, ineffectually?

Tell me please, that there is hope .

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