Cell phones are spooking ghosts

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Tue Sep 16 13:13:13 PDT 2003

That's so stupid.  They should have got a degree
in social psychology instead of para-pshychology where
they'd figure out that cell phones may be a confounding
factor.   I.e., people who have a cell phone are more
likely to share the experience with someone they know instead
of recounting the experience at a delayed time to some
other pseudo-scientific ghostbusters because they don't
have immediate access to a phone.

They've probably just lost the ability to record
citings.   As Byars says, there's no substitute
for a shared collaborative experience.


Russell Turpin wrote:

> http://technology.nzoom.com/cda/printable/1,1856,62313,00.html
> I suspect the ghosts get their
> revenge by possessing drivers
> who gab on cell phones.
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