esXML/esDOM, request for favorite OSI certified license, meeting in the Valley/Bay area

Stephen D. WIlliams sdw at
Tue Sep 16 21:50:28 PDT 2003

I've been working on a solution to XML and network programming related 
performance issues for a while.  The problems I'm working to solve 
involve any 3GL programming that deals with network messages, 
serialization, parsing, etc., it's just particularly slow with many 
large XML messages while it was always painful with CORBA, DCE, etc.  I 
used to refer to the ideas I'm working on as "binary structured XML", 
but have sinced changed the name to Efficiency Structured XML (esXML).  
I have resolved some remaining issues, clarified my thoughts, and have 
recently garnered some interest based on a paper I presented in Montreal 
at Extreme Markup Languages 2003 in Aug.  The presentation is at:
I'm presenting the ideas at a W3C workshop on XML binary infosets next 
week in Santa Clara, CA hosted at Sun.

I'm going to be releasing an implementation as open source, while also 
preparing for a possible commercially supported and augmented version 
and also supporting some kind of commercial plug-in ability.  I would be 
interested in knowing if anyone has opinions on the best OSI Certified 
Open Source license for this purpose?  I'm leaning toward Jabber, 
Mozilla, QT, or other similar license.

Knowing about any interest in use or help with development would be 
great also.

I will be in the bay area from the afternoon of Monday Aug. 22nd to 
Friday night and I would like to get together for dinner or whatever and 
see what everyone is up to, if anyone is available and interested in 
that sort of non-virtual thing.  I'm planning to meet with a company or 
two on Monday afternoon and Tuesday to see if they might have technology 
I can use in future projects also, so let me know if there is something 
interesting in the application, security, wireless, AI, HPC, large 
storage/network/compute, etc. areas.


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