DAV to go, please (Personal Server at Intel Dev. Conf.)

Jim Whitehead ejw at cse.ucsc.edu
Wed Sep 17 16:01:31 PDT 2003

SyncML might be the way to accomplish this synchronization...


- Jim

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> Gregory Bolcer:
> >Mmmmmm.  Very nice.
> Yep -- I think this is very promising
> technology. The end result will be to
> divorce one's data from the various
> computing devices (phone, PDA, laptop)
> to which it is now tied. Instead, your
> data will be replicated automatically
> across geographically dispersed stores,
> some of which might be virtual stores
> provided by a service provider. All
> your computing devices will cache
> whatever data is appropriate for its
> applications, synchronizing with your
> stores when possible. Of course, one
> of your stores will be a personal
> server, of the sort that Intel is
> developing, so that you can take it
> with you on trips, to solve the
> latency and disconnection problem.
> Your data is no longer balkanized, and
> you no longer have to manage where it
> resides. At least, that's the dream.
> In the meantime, I need to backup my
> laptop. :-(
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