Final Air France Concorde flight tomorrow...

Peter Kilby peterkilby at
Thu Sep 18 17:03:19 PDT 2003

Hour long documentary on the life of Concorde last night on UK TV, presented
by Branson. BA won't sell  the fleet as they are hoping that Concorde's
clients will continue to fly Business with BA, and if Concorde was to
operate under a different airline they would not secure those passengers
(well that is what Branson suggests)

Great programme but can't help but think that Branson used it as a vehicle
to put BA and the government under pressure (the government funded all the
costs and sold  the last 2 Concorde's to BA and Air France for £1, and
agreed that BA did not need to pay the government 80% of Concorde's profits)

Reckon Branson still hasn't given up.

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> On Friday, May 30, 2003, at 08:56 AM, Peter Kilby wrote:
> > I thought Branson had bought the rights and British Airways Concordes
> Gotta love the trademark Branson publicity stunt. Here he is, getting
> people all excited over a hoax. He offered to buy the fleet for 1 UKP.
> Nothing came of it but a press article or two.
> Glad to know he got someone to believe it :-)
> RK

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