Tom tomwhore at
Thu Sep 18 12:32:07 PDT 2003

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Luis Villa wrote:

--]Yeah, see... I can enjoy beer no matter who I drink it with. Drinking IM
--]by myself sucks, it turns out :)

Yea, but being stuck in a room full of zima drinkers often turns out to be
less fun than a room full of Fred drinkers.

The metanology gets fuzzy at this point so lets switch back to chat

Yes you can find interesting folks what ever app and protocal you use. But
this still does not mean the popular choices is the "best" app for the

My big problems with the AIM/MSN/ICQ crowd is the same I had with
Crapster...central corp owned servers that can , on a whim or whisp, do
such things as tweek the protocll to exclude third party goodness.
Trillian,  Gaim et al are things I whave used when I have had to deal with
AIM/MSN/ICQ situations, without those options...blech.

AIM/MSN/ICQ are very much the AOLization of the chat methodolgy. You are
beholden to corp$ for your good times revokable and tollable at thier
pleasure. In my decades long experince on this trip that is never an
arrangment that works out for the individual in the long term.
(nit pickers go nuts telling me my DSL is such a deal no matter who I am
getting it from..this is level-and-depthism so do crazy beating the obvious)

And please with the "buddy lists are differnt than ytalk". Yes I get it, I
have been on the wire since the early late 70's early 80's so give me an
ounce of cred for knowing the differnces in johnnycumbuzzwords. The litany
of chat apps spans decades, I have used em and abused em and I "get" the
fact presense and buddy lists make some of you cream your jeans. I also
dug the fact when I logged into EIES back in 85 I could see who was on and
what terminal they were sitting at and then being able to talk to them.

There are ways to do  buddy lists and the like without having to use
adblasting corp controlled user restrictive apps . Your dinkum thinkers,
you should be able to figure out a way.


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