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Thu Sep 18 13:34:56 PDT 2003

I read the history of VI last week after
Joy left Sun and the history of IRC this morning
after the kookaid post.

"9600 baud is way faster than you can read."[1]



Stephen D. Williams wrote:

> Um, historical reasons.
> As for historical dibs, I used BBS chatting in about 1981 (8-bit Atari 
> 400 computer), Compuserve CB Simulator at 300 baud in 1983 (had that 
> account for 13 years, although for no good reason), Unix Talk in 1984, 
> Zephyr in about 1989 or 1990, Prodigy beta tester sometime about 
> 1990-1993, and misc. other chat/VR systems after that.  There's probably 
> some in this group that wrote Zephyr or Talk who are my senior. ;-)  I 
> used IRC off and on, probably starting in the 1989-1991 timeframe.
> BTW, IRC is not the same paradigm as Buddylist/IM.  Jabber is probably 
> the way to go, except for network effect catchup.
> sdw

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