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I spent a LOT of time at 300 baud, 1200 baud, 2400 baud, 9600, 19200, 
I have a whole archive of things I printed out from Compuserve that was 
probably done at 1200 baud.

I also spent a fair amount of time on a 110 baud console (i.e. a real 
teletype dot matrix) for the VAX 750/780.

The thing that I consider my first networking environment, after dialup, 
is the Develcon Portmaster we had at GE Lighting.  It was basically a 
large semi-intelligent RS232-RS232 switching system.  You would login to 
it and tell it where you wanted to go and then you were connected.  I 
could, in essence, telnet and do file transfers (kermit everywhere!), in 
1984 with my DOS 2 or Digital Research's multitasking DOS or my MP/M 4 
user Compupro/Godbout 8/16 development system or the VAXs or MicroVaxs 
(which did have Thicknet eventually, I ran the cable) or, eventually, 
the Perkin-Elmer mini that had Version 7 Unix and then System 5.2.

Of course, I totally lucked out computationally because I taught myself 
programming (Basic, C, Pascal, Lisp, Forth, Action) with my 8-bit Atari 
400 with, in essence, a simple full-screen editor, and later CP/M, Unix, 
VMS while most schools in Ohio I would have gone to were learning 
Fortran on punch cards.  I used both CCA and Unipress Emacs, along with 
Mark of the Unicorn and Epsilon, at GE Lighting in 1984/1985 as I 
outgrew VI pretty quickly.

VI certainly is better on dialup below 9600 baud.

The story of Buddylist is pretty boring.


Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:

> I read the history of VI last week after
> Joy left Sun and the history of IRC this morning
> after the kookaid post.
> "9600 baud is way faster than you can read."[1]
> Greg
> [1]
> Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>> Um, historical reasons.
>> As for historical dibs, I used BBS chatting in about 1981 (8-bit 
>> Atari 400 computer), Compuserve CB Simulator at 300 baud in 1983 (had 
>> that account for 13 years, although for no good reason), Unix Talk in 
>> 1984, Zephyr in about 1989 or 1990, Prodigy beta tester sometime 
>> about 1990-1993, and misc. other chat/VR systems after that.  There's 
>> probably some in this group that wrote Zephyr or Talk who are my 
>> senior. ;-)  I used IRC off and on, probably starting in the 
>> 1989-1991 timeframe.
>> BTW, IRC is not the same paradigm as Buddylist/IM.  Jabber is 
>> probably the way to go, except for network effect catchup.
>> sdw

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