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Elias elias at
Sat Sep 20 15:56:55 PDT 2003

Adam L Beberg wrote:

> [...] Unplugging from the world is really the only option left. 

Plugging in, literally, is where it's going. No more coping with that 
slow and innefficient meat-layer getting in the way of our information 
processing - leave it for eating, drinking, running, jumping, 
appreciating music, deep discussions with old chums and, of course, love 
making among other things. Give me broadband for my brain, a fiber trunk 
to my neocortex, wetware to satisfy my virtual thirst and a wet nurse 
who'll take care of me so that I won't need to unplug before I'm ready. 
Give me software agents to manage my schedule, make my travel plans and 
prioritize my communications. Give me sharp electronic eyes and let me 
surf the info skies...


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