F*CK Leon Kass

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Tue Sep 23 15:40:38 PDT 2003

This guy is one of the most serious enemies of the future that we've 
got to deal with.  In his conservatism, the evil and the damage that he 
is doing to the progress of humanity is unimaginably large.  THIS GUY 
and the memestream he represents is one of the primary reasons IMHO 
that we've GOT to get the change-averse, science-and-tech-hating, 
fundy-pandering neocon cabal out of the White House *AND KEEP THEM 
OUT.*  When the religious nutballs have hold of the steering wheel of 
science and technology, every second they are in control costs vast 
numbers of future human lives and uncountable future human wealth --- 
and indeed imperils the long-term survivability of the species (per 
Bostrom's "Astronomical Costs" argument, not to mention common sense.)

 From an article on advances in brain prosthetics and BCI for the 



BCI technology is only in its infancy -- so much so that most people 
are unaware of its potential or even existence. It has piqued the 
government's interest, however. The president's Council on Bioethics, 
which was formed in part to address human cloning and stem cell 
research, has indicated it may take up BCI technology as its next issue.

The council's chairman, Leon Kass, has spoken against cloning -- but 
his remarks regarding ethics are indistinguishable from concerns over 
BCI. "I remain enthusiastic about biomedical research and its promise 
to cure disease and relieve suffering," Kass told the U.S. House of 
Representatives' Subcommittee on Health in 2001. "Yet, as has been 
obvious for some time, new biotechnologies are also providing powers to 
intervene in human bodies and minds in ways that go beyond the 
traditional goals of healing the sick, to threaten fundamental changes 
in human nature and the meaning of our humanity."

BCI's ability to make a smarter brain is one "fundamental change" that 
may alarm Kass. The U.S. Department of Defense, which is now funding 
some BCI research, appears less concerned. In the same way that 
Einstein's breakthrough research advanced science that benefits mankind 
and contributed to the creation of nuclear weapons that threaten 
mankind, BCIs could give birth to an uneasy tension between technology 
for the sake of medicine and technology for domination.




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