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Tue Sep 23 21:38:42 PDT 2003

Jeff Bone:
>When the religious nutballs have hold of the steering wheel of science and 
>technology, every second they are in control costs vast numbers of future 
>human lives and uncountable future human wealth..

The sad thing is that this precisely is
one reason WHY the Republicans have as
much support as they do. Whatever they
and their backers squawk, clearly it's
not because they are more fiscally
conservative, more adept at international
policy, more concerned with the average
citizen, or more honest. (Hah!)

But four out of five Americans believe
in a God, an afterlife, and transcendental
morality. On issues such as adoption by
gay parents, gays in the military, sex
education, abortion, stem cell research,
AIDS policies, BCI research, etc., the
Republican makes the average citizen more

It's not just the combination of stances
on these moral issues. Rather, it's a
matter of how people think and speak on
these issues. There is a great divide
between those who believe that the Moral
Law are writ somewhere Out There, which
man transgresses only at risk of his
soul, and those who approach such issues
only pragmatically. One side believes
that venereal diseases are a natural
consequence of moral failure. The other
side would change their view of what
sexual behavior is acceptable, were
medical science to eliminate all
venereal diseases. One side sees moral
and theological implications in life
extension. The other side sees only
practical and social issues. Even where
the two sides agree on one practical
action, they approach it differently.

Unfortunately, Jeff, the belief in a
transcendental morality is a popular
irrationality. We can fool ourselves
otherwise, since it is in the minority in
some high tech and academic circles. But
overall, this is a source of Republican
electoral strength. For the minority who
are rational on such matters, it's a good
to vote against them. Let's hope the rest
of our neighbors vote their pocketbook
this year.

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