Definitions impede stem cell research

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Wed Sep 24 20:15:10 PDT 2003

>A group of researchers from Michigan State University, Wake Forest 
>University's School of Medicine and a handful of other universities 
>manipulated primate egg cells, tricking them into behaving as if they had 
>been inseminated. .. They then coaxed the cells into becoming two types of 
>neurons, smooth muscle and beating cilia, tiny hair-like extensions that 
>line the airways.

This is really pretty amazing research,
since the cells involved are haploid, if
I read this right. From a research
perspective, haploid, differentiated cells
might give new ways to investigate the role
of genes, since they (a) are functioning
as a specific tissue, but (b) are
expressing only a single allele of each

Of course, it's hardly surprising that
Christians would object to any kind of
research on haploid human tissue. ;-)

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