Definitions impede stem cell research

Bill Stoddard bill at
Wed Sep 24 17:18:07 PDT 2003

Russell Turpin wrote:

>> A group of researchers from Michigan State University, Wake Forest 
>> University's School of Medicine and a handful of other universities 
>> manipulated primate egg cells, tricking them into behaving as if they 
>> had been inseminated. .. They then coaxed the cells into becoming two 
>> types of neurons, smooth muscle and beating cilia, tiny hair-like 
>> extensions that line the airways.
> This is really pretty amazing research,
> since the cells involved are haploid, if
> I read this right. From a research
> perspective, haploid, differentiated cells
> might give new ways to investigate the role
> of genes, since they (a) are functioning
> as a specific tissue, but (b) are
> expressing only a single allele of each
> gene.
> Of course, it's hardly surprising that
> Christians would object to any kind of
> research on haploid human tissue. ;-)

You know the thing that is most annoying to me about all this? Many 
Christians apparently self impose shackles that have nothing to do with 
biblical teachings. Jerry Falwell states with conviction that it is 
absolutely out of the question that there is life (or is it intelligent 
life?) outside our solar system because it is not mentioned in the 
bible. (I happened to catch that while channel surfing, I don't make it 
a part of my day to watch the annoying fat man).  I have read the entire 
bible (many years ago) and I do not recall -any- discussions about alien 
life or cell biology.  Much of Christianity is stuck in an intellectual 
ghetto, which is really a shame because as religions go it has a lot to 
offer that is good. Bleh....


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