Clarification for Russell

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Thu Sep 25 12:12:08 PDT 2003

Turpin quoth:

> 1st Q 1980 - 3rd Q 1980:  Recession (2Q)
> Unless I'm getting so old my mind is turning
> to mush, I distinctly remember Jimmy Carter
> as President during that recession. Reagan
> didn't take office until the first quarter
> of 1981.

Yes, that's right.  Those are the two quarters mentioned / used in the 
analysis that are recessionary under Democratic leadership.

Did you think I thought otherwise?  If so, why?

The table, just for clarity's sake, looks like:

	Start			End			Length	Sitting Party	Time in Saddle (Start / End)
	4th Q 1969	4th Q 1970	4Q		GOP			3Q / 7Q
	4th Q 1973	1st Q 1975	5Q		GOP			19Q / 24Q
	1st Q 1980	3rd Q 1980	2Q		Dem			12Q / 14Q
	3rd Q 1981	4th Q 1982	5Q		GOP			2Q / 7Q
	3rd Q 1990	1st Q 1991	2Q		GOP			46Q / 48Q
	1st Q 2001	3rd Q 2002	6Q		GOP			0Q / 6Q


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