unwanted telephone calls

sateesh narahari sati_home at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 26 11:53:57 PDT 2003

The air has been getting thinner in Denver for the
last couple of weeks, and the lack of oxygen is
driving some of us nuts( like sending an e-mail to
Fork etc ).

Totally unrelated to this thin air, a federal judge in
Denver has ruled that no call list is illegal.

While this decision may languish in courts for next
few decades,here is a tip from a friend. When a tele
marketer calls you, tell him/her to hold on, and keep
the phone aside, go about your business for the next
10-15 minutes and hangup. This will do two things:

  a) Frustrate the tele marketer 
  b) Wastes the money for whoever is paying the
telemarketer by hour.

Ofcourse if you are expecting other calls during this
time, this could be a problem. Ofcourse, this only
works if enough people actually do it.


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