I am now the proud owner of a signed first edition copy of _The Big U_

Brian A. LaMacchia bal at farcaster.com
Sat Sep 27 16:20:27 PDT 2003

Chris Olds wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Joe Barrera wrote:
>> Chris Olds wrote:
>>> I had to settle for a new copy of _The Big U_, because I'm too
>>> cheap to buy the first edition I've been offered.  OTOH, I got it
>>> (and my copy of Quicksilver) signed (by Neal) on Tuesday ;-P
>> Where was he on Tuesday? (Don't say Belgium)
> He was here in Seattle, reading to a packed lecture hall at the UW and
> signing (a lot of) books.

And before that he was signing copies over at the MS Conference Center,
which is where I got my copy signed :-)  Very convenient, too, as SEA-YYZ
was Thursday and YYZ-SEA, SEA-ORD-BWI and BWI-ORD-SEA in the next 10 days...

Did Neal give the same CA/monadology lecture at UW and Kepler's that he gave
at MS?


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