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James Rogers wrote:

>Kyoto was a badly broken protocol, and nigh worthless [...] I see no egg on the
>face of the US over that matter. [...] If the Kyoto protocol folks were so keen on environmental policy, they would have proposed something that had more than the thinnest veneer of legitimacy.
Funny you should feel this way, all the press I recall seeing at the 
time regarding the actions of the US in the matter were fairly 
deprecating of our actions. I do agree with you that the final version 
had less teeth than the original draft, but the most significant benefit 
was in bringing disparate entities together at the same table to 
recognize a growing problem, attempting to establish a framework 
(however toothless and broken it may have been in the end) for open 
debate of the issue and paving the way for future international 
agreements regarding the same. Perhaps I didn't actively seek out other 
viewpoints at the time, yet let me pull from the vast trove of documents 
available on the web... From the following, it certainly appears that 
Kyoto was not seen as worthless by the international community and that 
the US withdrawing was generally regarded as a poor showing.

Sorry I don't have much more time to go into this further right now 
other than on providing the following, but I wanted to respond in some 
way to your post before it slipped into the dark, forgotten recesses of 
my brain. Too bad about the ice shelf breaking up though, eh?


"The Swedish Government, which currently holds the European Union 
presidency, described the move as appalling and provocative" - 

"Asian and European nations have strongly criticized Bush's decision in 
2001 to abandon the Kyoto treaty" - 

"Dismay is being expressed across the world at the decision by U.S. 
President George W. Bush to abandon the 1997 Kyoto Treaty aimed at 
staving off global warming." - 

"The European Parliament on Thursday condemned the United States' 
withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol on global warming as "appalling and 
provocative," accusing Washington of risking climate disaster ..." - 

"... an extremely grave and unheard-of act from the perspective of 
international relations." - Italian Environment Minister Willer Bordon 

"The EU's environmental commissioner said today the U.S. decision 
demonstrated a "lack of international responsibility" on the part of the 
world's biggest source of greenhouse gases, and suggested the move could 
do additional damage to already strained EU-U.S. relations." - 

"... the US, by renouncing the undertakings it made in Kyoto, will not 
only lose its credibility and threaten years of hard work on the climate 
issue, but will also be in breach of internationally accepted standards 
and practice." - Committee on Sustainable Development of the Council of 
Europe's Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (CLRAE) 

"To suggest scrapping Kyoto and making a new agreement with more 
countries involved simply reflects a lack of understanding of political 
realities. It is like supporting European integration but on a different 
basis than the current EU. Kyoto is the platform we have to build upon 
and we would lose years of work if we were to start from scratch." - EU 
Environmental Commissioner Margot Wallstrom 

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