BoomBoxen and community rocking

Tom tomwhore at
Mon Sep 29 19:12:36 PDT 2003

"Historically, the Ghettoblaster has been a symbol for spontaneous
artistic collaboration, bringing people of various talents and skills
together to share and explore each others creativity. These relationships
formed the basis of new communities each with unique and individual style.
The mobility of the Ghettoblaster allowed these communities to travel,
bringing with them the ability to share their art with others,
proliferating it across territories and creating new styles and new art

The Bass-Station endeavors towards this effect.

Not being the center of attention, yet announcing its presence, the
Bass-Station is an active part of a community. Using a wireless client, be
it a laptop, pda, or even a web enabled cell phone, members of a community
are able to share their work and browse the works of others. Via a web
browser one can browse what others have chosen to share, read commentary
on people's projects, and even listen to the audio pieces that people have

The Bass-Station manifests itself as physical entity that, aside from its
novel functionality, has an inherent purpose of its own - it's a stereo.
We emphasize this purpose by allowing people to play and control the
playback of music from the stereo's speakers. This interaction creates a
connection between a virtual environment and a physical one since anyone
close by is able to listen to the music that is playing. In addition,
multiple people can simultaneously act as DJ, contending to get their
music heard."

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