KneeDefender: Standing up for the right of the tall guy to sit down

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at
Thu Oct 2 09:25:31 PDT 2003

There's nothing worse than some kid in front of you that
fully reclines his seat because he found the button and then
doesn't even sit in the seat the whole time or some
ADD adult who doesn't think they get the full flight
experience if they don't use every single button
available to them in conjunction with every single
device with a battery they brought along.  

I've seen some really odd behaviors before.  Someone
sitting in the middle seat decide they don't like the
air blowing keeping you from having to smell their
steenkin perfumed suit, so they, without asking, reach
across in front of you and turn your air vent off.  Antoher
one, some guy didn't like the sun shining on his computer
screen, so he reached across my window seat and shut
my window.   I opened it again, but I was more shocked
that he didn't even ask.   

The most polite person I ever met was a guy and 
some girl flying to the UK.  I had the 3 seat row
to myself and was working on my laptop with headphones
on.  He looked back behind him, got my attention, and
then asked if I would mind if he put his seat back.   
I bought him a drink.  


Rohit Khare wrote:
> TRAVELMAN is quite amused by the very idea... ;-)
> PS. This is a very real product...!
> > Knee Defender (tm) stops reclining seatbacks so your knees won't have
> > to.  Revolutionary, patent pending Knee Defender puts you in control
> > when facing aggressive seat recliners. Lightweight, pocket-sized,
> > all-plastic and simple to use.  Just slip Knee Defender onto the arm
> > of your drop-down tray table and you're set. Reviewers say it "works
> > like a charm" and "for business travelers ... this is a must-have."
> > Only $9.95.  Order today at

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