[Speculation] Cheney is out for 2004

James Rogers jamesr at best.com
Thu Oct 2 22:09:50 PDT 2003

On 10/2/03 8:56 PM, "Russell Turpin" <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Wildly speculative:
> Even if Scooter Libby is not implicated for
> outing a CIA agent in political revenge, the
> GOP will ditch Cheney and choose a *seemingly*
> more moderate VP candidate for 2004. There's
> all advantage and little loss. (a) Cheney
> carries a lot of the administration's scent
> of corporatocracy and war profiteering.
> (b) Cheney was the point man in trumpeting
> the missing WMDs. His departure would help
> separate the administration from some of the
> most embarrassing claims. (c) Choosing a VP
> from a swing state, who can bring moderate
> votes, is one way the GOP can salvage this
> ship. (d) Whatever words Cheney wraps around
> his opting out of a second term, his age and
> health issues will defray political fallout.

I've always been of the opinion that Cheney adds little to the ticket.  He
has experience, but the administration really doesn't need any more people
with his kind of experience.

Condoleeza Rice as VP?  Now that would be an interesting ticket.  About the
only prominent person in the administration I can think of who would make it
interesting and add significant value.  Of course, she's pretty sharp so it
is unlikely she'd want the job. :-)

-James Rogers
 jamesr at best.com

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