Sizzling Economy Revitalizes India

daniel grisinger daniel at
Mon Oct 20 11:50:09 PDT 2003

Adam L Beberg wrote:
> On Monday, October 20, 2003, at 08:39  AM, daniel grisinger wrote:
>> There couldn't be much better news for the world in general, or 
>> America in
>> particular, than that the world's largest democracy is reaching a 
>> point where
>> it's internal growth will suffice to drive it to Western standards of 
>> living.
> Unless you've discovered how to properly manipulate negative energy, 
> Earth happens to be a CLOSED system. 

Of course.  Because, as we all know, the earth does not happen
to sit inside of a stellar volume trillions of times its size
and comprising billions of times its mass.  Once we're done here,
well, gosh, it's all over except the Big Crunch.

> Every cellphone and digital thingie 
> is a little more slavery and death in the Congo where they dig up the 
> rocks you need to make them.

So we'll trade death in the Congo for death in the Kuiper.  What's the
difference, except for shipping times?

> And if your statement is true, why did global manufacturing jobs drop 
> 11% last year - America actually had less job loss (by %) then China. 

Hmmm.... that doesn't jibe with anything that I've read.  China's
economy is growing rapidly enough that the mainstream financial press
is beginning to worry about overheating and speculative bubbles, but
that could be consistent with significant job loss, at least in some
of the many possible worlds that quantum theory suggests exist.

Do you have a reference for the Chinese job loss?  Or even for the
global reduction in manufacturing positions?  I could believe that
manufacturing jobs are disappearing--after all agricultural jobs
continue to disapper even as the planet produces more and more food
every year--there's no reason to assume that manufacturing is immune
to that particular mechanically-induced productivity surge (in fact,
it makes more sense to assume that it will happen).  But an 11% drop?
Really?  And the entire global economy didn't disintegrate?  I don't
know that that passes the sniff test.

> Americans will continue to live in their happy little "everyone wins" 
> fantasy world where almost everyone is 1 paycheck from broke until ... I 
> wont ruin the surprise for you ;)

Oh, good.  The anticipation is too wonderfully stimulating to
have it spoiled.  ;-)

> But that's no worry, as soon as China and India "westernize" the Earth's 
> atmosphere will turn into a dark brown sludge anyway.

Mmmmmmm....  dark brown sludge.  It's not just for breakfast


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