Sizzling Economy Revitalizes India

Adam L Beberg beberg at
Mon Oct 20 14:11:23 PDT 2003

On Monday, October 20, 2003, at 01:50  PM, daniel grisinger wrote:

> Of course.  Because, as we all know, the earth does not happen
> to sit inside of a stellar volume trillions of times its size
> and comprising billions of times its mass.  Once we're done here,
> well, gosh, it's all over except the Big Crunch.

Again, unless you can do the negative energy faster then light tricks, 
that's not applicable.

> Hmmm.... that doesn't jibe with anything that I've read.  China's
> economy is growing rapidly enough that the mainstream financial press
> is beginning to worry about overheating and speculative bubbles, but
> that could be consistent with significant job loss, at least in some
> of the many possible worlds that quantum theory suggests exist.

One specific sector can disappear COMPLETELY without the whole noticing 
the loss. Noone seems to miss the stablemasters.

> Do you have a reference for the Chinese job loss?

CNBC is doing a big series on India and related things. They tend to 
not make things up or they get in trouble with 27 government agencies.

Machines are rightfully taking over manufacturing very very quickly 
now. We're near the tail end of the curve on that one. Repetitive 
assembly is both boring and very damaging to organics, so the sooner 
the employment in that sector is zero the greater the quality of life 
for everyone.

The real problem is that humans have no idea how to cope with the fact 
that there are only jobs for about 1B of us of the 6.3B, and that 
number is falling - wasn't it like 2 years ago it was only 6.0B? geez. 
Right now in the USA only 1/2 (almost exactly) work, and we're the best 
off by a long way. Right now we do it by keeping most people poor, but 
they (read: arab world, china, india) are sick of it, and the current 
lazy public school bums are about to be replaced.

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