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> And I have this issue w/ folks that think we're headed for some kind 
> of leisure class...  or rather, strike that:  we probably *are* headed 
> for that, but it's not a desirable state.

Right now, 1/2 of the population is idle, and that's growing by 170K 
consumers/month. That's straight stats. Toss in some AARP math, 
and it's gonna be 2/3 idle in not that long at all, and don't forget 
each of those AARP's has 10k or so in medical bills a year.

The problem with an idle class is the same as the problem with spandex, 
and jury duty, the people doing it are exactly NOT the people that 
should be. Anyone smart enough to do work well, is smart enough to get 
into the idle class.

Even before the great collapse of 2000, I aimed to (and did) work 3-4 
months a year, and spent the other time on my own projects, you may 
have heard of them, or on honing my competitive napping skills. I was 
smart enough to make enough to idle class myself. Granted noone else 
would call it idle, but point was it could have been. Now of course any 
job worth doing is worth offshoring.

The other side are all the fast food workers that don't speak any 
english, they are useless at dispensing food, noone wants them there 
and they don't want to be there.

So, as usual, the needs of the whole are in exact conflict with the 
abilities of the few. Socialism doesn't work, and demographics+tech are 
ruining the tiny bits of capitalism that did work... Next...

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