Sizzling Economy Revitalizes India

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On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 12:27:10PM -0700, Justin Mason wrote:

> >So we'll trade death in the Congo for death in the Kuiper.  What's the
> >difference, except for shipping times?

Reaction mass costs are prohibitive for chemical and nuclear rockets,
considerable for ion/plasma. Solar sails (yet to be used in a mission)
use free reaction mass (photons) but have long transfer times and only work in 
the inner solar system.

Microwave-driven solar sails take considerable circumsolar hardware to drive.
These resources are unavailable at the location, and hence will not be
> eh, several orders of magnitude in the expense of getting the materials
> from their current locations, to the factories that want them?

It's not obvious that a mature economy needs to transfer anything else than
information (individuals being encodable as such) and energy, both probably 
only over relatively short
(lightseconds to lightminutes, this is a lot farther if you're operating
at a 10^6 speedup) distances.
> Lesson in economics required ;)

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