GAIM remains the same

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at
Tue Oct 21 08:46:17 PDT 2003

Thank you for everyone that sent me help
for my Gaim problem.  I'm still in the middle
of trying to figure out why I can't for the life
of me configure it just the way I want.  What's
even more frustrating, it seems that:

  o GAIM 0.64 configures fine out of the box with
    the minimal flag of --prefix=/usr/freeware including
    perl, GTK, X session management, plugin, and all
    the protocol plugins.  There is some problem with
    libtool that parses something wrong which I got
    around the first time I compiled it.  It's still the
    version that I have running.  Nice graphics, peppy,
    doesn't like that MSN protocol, but at least it loads
    it and gives and error. 
  o GAIM 0.71 doesn't configure the way I want.  --disable-perl
    solves a -S -c vs. -o GCC 3.3 warning that gets thrown as
    and error deep in some plugin directory, but rather than trying
    to figure out the flagging overrides, I just booted on it. 
    The other problem, it compiles and launches fine, but the
    MSN protocol either dynamic or static gives an error that
    it's "not loaded".  Every other protocol works fine, but
    for the life of me, I can't get the SSL libs to configure
    correctly using gnutls, mozilla, mozilla-firebird or any
    other of the directories or libs.    
  o GAIM 0.70 configures with the plugins out of the box, but 
    fails with the same 
 gcc: cannot specify -o with -c or -S and multiple compilations
    which I can avoide with --disable-perl.   

Gonna keep working backwards until I can figure out how to get
a new enough msn protocol plugin to work with an old enough
default GAIM tarball that can load it.....


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