FW: Is this for real? (Was "By his own words")

John Evdemon jevdemon at acm.org
Tue Oct 21 20:01:53 PDT 2003

{PRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=rhodes.png"}
The picture on the left is of Bill Clinton. The picture on the right is of George W. Bush. 
both pictures were taken at the Korean DMZ.

On 20 Oct 2003 at 10:28, Huisking, Michael wrote:

> I thought the pic was really funny, but thought I'd check into it 
> some more....
> Mick
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> Well....if someone handed the binos to him with the caps on....they 
> "got fixed" right quick! 'Though the pose of all three in both 
> images (which was taken at the DMZ in Korea, the officer on the right 
> is General Tom Schwartz, CINC US Forces, Korea (since retired)) kinda 
> makes you wonder whether the first image wasn't 
> manipulated...........
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>     Kinda funny even if it isn't.... http://argote.ch/forked/bush.jpg
>     m

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