Bill Humphries bill at
Wed Oct 22 01:04:57 PDT 2003

If you liked Rohit's recent posts on the end of the Concorde era, 
you'll want to pick up a copy of Francis Spufford's _Backroom Boys: The 
Secret Return of the British Boffin_. Chapter two is all about British 
Airways' attempts to make the plane into some sort of profit center 
during the 1980's. It's a UK book, so you'll need to go to 
or similar to find it:

The Concorde was designed during the heyday of the Jet Set, but came 
into service when ordinary proles like us could afford to fly. BA 
realized that they had a brand in Concorde, so they plushed the planes 
out with leather seating and high-end menus so they could put Louis 
Vutton prices on tickets. By aiming at the ultra-rich, they were able 
to sell out the flights and make a little money.

As a bonus, about the only other guys flying at 60,000 feet were 
American SR-71 crews. They had to wear pressure suits, and champaign 
and caviar were not on their menu.

-- whump

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