Tom DeLay, Rum, and Protectionism

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Wed Oct 22 09:09:48 PDT 2003

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> <<some activist crap about corporate welfare...>>

But what he really wanted to write was the different
ways of making Rum drinkable.   Bacardi, if you
ever visit St. Lucia, has a Rum fest every 
year where all the great Rum distillers gather
to judge dark, light, flavored, sugar brandy, cane juice,
and other styles.   

Some good ways to drink white rum is
using a Mojito recipe.  Mojitos are popular 
in the Caribean, but made even more popular by
James Bond's recent trip to Cuba where a scantily
clad temptress enjoys one on the hot white sand
of a Cuban beach.  Where they get the clear ice
to make it is beyond me.  You always end up
with mint leaves in your teeth.

> Mojito
> 2-3 ounces light rum 
> 1 ounce lime 
> 2 teaspoons sugar 
> Mint 
> Fill with ice and soda water 
> Place sugar, a large pinch (small handful) of mint, and splash of soda
> water in a pint glass. Use muddler to lightly press mint and dissolve sugar
> until it smells of spearmint gum. Squeeze both halves of lime into the
> glass, leaving one hull in the mixture. Add rum, stir, and fill with ice. Top
> with soda water, garnish with mint sprig and serve. 

The other way to enjoy a litany of good rums is
a Hawaiian Rumtini.  It's served with a coarse
brown sugar cube in the middle, shaken through
ice with a dark rum topper.  It's *really* not
as sweet as you'd think as they use orange bitters. 


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