The Perfect Mojito (was Tom DeLay, Rum, and Protectionism)

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Wed Oct 22 10:11:00 PDT 2003

Bolcer wrote:

> "jbone at" wrote:
> >
> > <<some activist crap about corporate welfare...>>
> But what he really wanted to write was the different
> ways of making Rum drinkable.

Wow, yeah, my bad.  God forbid that anybody should spend any time 
considering anything as inane as government corruption, duplicity, and 
the systematic perversion of our way of life when there's stuff as 
profound and life-impacting to ponder as how to make a mojito.

My apologies.  ;-)

For the record, the way to ensure that minty-fresh flavor while 
avoiding the mint-in-the-teeth effect is apparently to use a tea 
strainer w/ the crushed mint, then just garnish the drinks w/ an 
uncrushed sprig.  I myself am not a big rum fan generally or mojito fan 
specifically, but that's how my brother the mojito-nut makes 'em and he 
swears by it.



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