[LESS LIKE THIS] Barrera sings his favorite song...

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Wed Oct 22 11:00:59 PDT 2003

Joe opines, right on cue:

> I think we could live if this list were less politics, less of the 
> time.
> Especially because there are so many other, and better, political 
> lists.

Yeah, well, the political content is balanced out by the inanity factor 
injected by certain other parties.  If you set your filters up just 
right, this then allows the occasional tech gem or even all-important 
Concorde fetishist post to slip through unscathed.  And for the record, 
I haven't done this experiment but I suggest that it might be 
enlightening:  many of us who've been around this list for a few years 
now complain from time to time about the political content hereabouts.  
BUT:  even modulo my contribution to that, anybody who thinks this list 
isn't political is smoking a particularly potent and nostalgic crack 
rock.  Tally up political vs. "other" posts over the last five years 
and I think you'd be surprised --- even when filtering mine or certain 
other pol-positive folks out.


"Complacency is complicity, and LIFE is POLITICS.  Get a life?  Got 

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