World's first Wi-Fi enabled lake - Dal Lake, Srinagar

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Udhay Shankar N writes:
> What fun - you can surf the net while avoiding incoming home made grenades.

Wow -- they're *really* desperate for tourists up there ;)

- --j.

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> >CHENNAI: Come November 1, the beautiful Dal lake of Kashmir would become
> >the first Wi-Fi enabled lake not just in the country, but in the world.
> >
> >The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Syeed would launch
> >the facility devised by the Chennai based networking company Dax
> >Networks.
> >
> >The facility would be implemented in partnership with the J&K Tourism
> >and a J&K based ISP, iPeaks.
> >
> >So, now, while you float down the picturesque Dal in your shikaras or
> >relaxing in house-boats, you could check your mails, chat with your
> >friends and browse the internet.
> >
> >Addressing the media here, the Dax Director Deepak Mirza said that this
> >facility would be available to those who have a computer/laptop is Wi-Fi
> >compatible.
> >
> >It cost Rs 10 lakhs for Dax to set up the equipment and supplied for
> >free. However, according to Mirza, the company aims to benefit in other
> >ways as the new facility proved the technical capability of the company,
> >which would subsequently help in bagging other similar projects.
> >
> >"Though many parts of the country are enjoying benefits of the latest
> >networking technologies, numerous pockets in the country are still
> >completely untouched by this phenomenon. Kashmir is definitely one of
> >them. Therefore, what better place to take the first step than making
> >the pride of Kashmir -- The Dal -- Wi-Fi enabled. This is not just a
> >bold statement, but also a move that can have cascading effect in the
> >state and a positive rub off on the overall image of the country," said
> >Mirza.
> >
> >The company has identified other lakes -- Nainital, Hussein Sagar and
> >Kodaikanal -- to implement Wi-Fi. Backwaters of Kumarakoam could be
> >another hotspot. "We are yet to talk to the state governments in this
> >regard," he said, adding "We chose Dal because it is probably the
> >toughest."
> >
> >The company's country manager, Sujit Singh, told mediapersons at the
> >press conference that implementation had to take care of a number of
> >issues. The concept itself -- involving water transport network -- was
> >unique. The unevenly spread lake posed problems with seamless
> >integration. Availability of resources was yet another problem.
> >
> >Except for the two snowy months, visitors could now be connected
> >wirelessly to internet throughout the year, he said. "Wi-fi equipment is
> >not known to work outdoors for long distances when it snows. But then,
> >there wouldn't be tourists either in that case," Singh quipped.
> >
> >The company recently constituted a Wi-Fi dedicated division. One of the
> >mandates of this division will be to focus on similar initiatives. This
> >team would in future aggressively educate corporates, government and
> >other bodies at large on the advantages of Wi-Fi. The company has also
> >created an India-ready product portfolio to present the market with the
> >most suitable choice range.
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