R.I.P. Google. Next PLEASE

sateesh narahari sati_home at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 20:40:30 PDT 2003

Have started noticing that google has been returning
mostly useless results lately. Unknowingly using
google less and less.

Now I don't search much, just guess a source to go to.
For example, for CS related articles, I go to
researchindex.org. For most science related topics,
Wikipedia does a good job. For news, yahoo does good

I am relying less and less on a search engine.
Perhaps, world doesn't need a search engine. I
certainly can live without google.


> Apparently in the last month(?) Google has started
> to search every 
> catalog site out there, and has filled up on useless
> data.
> So who out there is after google, google has clearly
> not only sold out 
> but also swallowed a poison pill.

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