The Great Wall of... Freelux?

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Wed Oct 22 20:49:05 PDT 2003

I think this is the best NationStates issue ever:

The Great Wall of Freelux?
The Issue

Due to the ongoing wars in neighboring countries, a recent rash of 
illegal immigrants have been caught at the borders of Freelux, 
prompting many citizens to call for tighter immigration laws.

The Debate

    1. Jean-Paul King of the Freelux National Purity League says "These 
illegal aliens are just an eyesore with their strange customs and funny 
languages. Uneducated immigrants like these only worsen crime and steal 
valuable jobs! I say we should boot them all out on their ears and put 
a big fence around the country!"

    2. Pete Mistletoe of the Freelux Civil Liberties Union says "We must 
welcome these refugees from any nation into our open arms, they are 
fleeing one oppressive dictatorial regime in the only way they know, we 
must not let them think they're jumping from the frying pan into the 

    3. "Hold on there, hold on people!" says George W. Christmas of the 
Freelux Broadcasting company, "We don't have to take either extreme, 
all we have to do is make a TV game show out of it! We put deadly 
obstacles on the border and monitor it with television cameras! Those 
that make it across win freedom and citizenship, and those who don't, 
well, lets just say that our buzzards won't starve. We could call it 
'Who Wants to be an Immigrant?'!"

...I picked #3. :-)


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