The Chalcedon Foundation?

jbone at jbone at
Wed Oct 22 22:28:11 PDT 2003

In re-reading though a previous piece by Choate [1] on electronic 
voting weirdness I came across the following bit which did indeed make 
my hair stand on end:

"Two of the early backers of American Information Systems, a company 
later merged into ES&S, are also prominent supporters of the Chalcedon 
Foundation, an organisation that espouses theocratic governance 
according to a literal reading of the Bible and advocates capital 
punishment for blasphemy and homosexuality."

Shudder.  So I set out to find out more on the Chalcedon Foundation.  
Here're some links, if you're interested...  in particular --- though 
it *looks* sketchy --- check out [4] for rumblings of some really 
bizarre stuff going on in CA-conservative land.  Also --- "theonomy?"  
Geez, for a supposed "conspiracy theorist" I've been asleep at the 
wheel.  This is freaky stuff.  Margaret Atwood stuff.  No shit.  It 
scares the hell out of me to think Michael Savage isn't, perhaps, a 
lone, deranged nut.

I'm sure you all can use Google as well as I can, but here's a few to 
whet your interest...



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