Fw: travel advice for Friday 24 October Last flight of Concorde :-(

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Thu Oct 23 04:34:09 PDT 2003

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Subject: travel advice for Friday 24 October

      Dear Mr Kilby 
      Friday 24 October marks a sad day for the airline industry - the last flight of Concorde, the world's first and only supersonic passenger aircraft. 

      BAA and the Heathrow area police are expecting significant traffic congestion and a huge turnout of spectators to view Concorde's final landing at around 4pm. 

      We'd like to inform all our flying club members that if you're travelling from, or meeting someone at Heathrow on Friday, you should allow extra time to get to and from the airport. Before you leave for the airport, check your local up-to-date travel news. 

      If you are an Upper Class passenger and have a chauffeur driven car booked for Friday 24 October and have yet to be contacted by our Premier Services team who are confirming pick up times, please call them on 01293 747 500 to discuss your travel arrangements. 

      If you have any questions, please contact your dedicated flying club helpline. 

      Rebecca Gigg 
      flying club Communications Manager 


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