Why We Should Fight Anti-Globalists

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 23 07:43:58 PDT 2003

Mike Gonzalez:
>One of the leading European anti-capitalists, George Monbiot, recently 
>admitted that the protectionism and emphasis on local production he 
>defended in the past would make poor nations even poorer.

The problem with this editorial is that the
globalists are not free marketers. They favor
trade, as long as it doesn't hurt certain first
world constituencies. They are as happy to
export subsidized agricultural products and
first-world IP protections as they are to buy
Nike shoes made with cheap labor.

In mirror fashion, the anti-globalists are a
hodge-podge of mixed viewpoints. They include
both those who oppose the export of software
jobs to India (good for the developing world),
and those who oppose US cotton subsidies (bad
for the developing world). The last WTO round
failed because developing nations wanted to
open up first world markets, which Europe and
and US refused. The anti-globalists in that
case weren't anti-capitalist students, but
western diplomats, including US Republicans.

Before we fight the anti-globalists who are
in the street, maybe we should fight the
anti-globalists who are in Congress, the
Whitehouse, and the diplomatic corps?

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