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Good Morning, Jeff

On July 23, 2003, you published the following post:

Anagathic pill in development

Lifeline Nutraceuticals is the affiliate of CereMedix, the company that 
developed the CMX-1152 antioxidant up-regulation compound that you 
reported on.  CMX-1152 has received much media and scientific community 

As a follow-up to your post, we are happy to present our latest press 
release below that provides more information on CMX-1152 and our 
expectation to have it available to consumers by June 2004.

Thanks so much for your time and attention.

Contact:  Bill Driscoll, President/CEO
Day:  720-488-1711
billdriscoll at


Novel, Technology-driven Anti-aging Dietary Supplement to be available 
by June 2004

DENVER, COLORADO, OCT. 21, 2003.  Lifeline Nutraceuticals, Inc. 
announced today that Lifeline expects to bring to market, by June 2004, 
an innovative oral dietary supplement that is being heralded as the 
first serious product candidate in the battle against oxidative stress. 
  Oxidative stress is widely known to play a key role in over 100 
age-related diseases and the aging process itself.  This patented and 
proprietary product, currently known as CMX-1152, was developed by 
Lifeline’s affiliate company, CereMedix.  CMX-1152 is one of the 
products resulting from over 20 years of scientific research by 
Lifeline’s Scientific Advisor, Dr. Victor Shashoua. CMX-1152 has 
received much international media and scientific community attention 
recently as a “break-through” anti-aging product.  So significant is 
this advance in anti-aging technology that a nationally-syndicated 
television news magazine (on a major broadcast network) recently 
interviewed Lifeline’s President, Bill Driscoll, with the intention of 
running a feature story on CMX-1152 in the coming months.


CMX-1152 represents a major leap forward in terms of dietary products 
designed to deliver antioxidants to the human body.  Instead of pumping 
the body full of difficult-to-digest, largely un-absorbable, and 
generally ineffective exogenous oxygen scavengers, Lifeline’s 
revolutionary product increases the body’s production of its own 
natural antioxidants using a proprietary, patented peptide derived from 
a protein that occurs naturally in the human brain, ependymin.  This is 
believed to be a truly unique approach unlike anything else in the 
anti-aging, antioxidant field.  CMX-1152 acts by mobilizing the body’s 
own “defense and repair” mechanisms, including stimulating the 
production of the body’s primary natural antioxidant enzymes.  The 
result is the rescue of tissues and organs that would otherwise be 
irrevocably damaged by the effects of oxidative stress. Studies 
demonstrate that the body’s production of its natural antioxidants 
decreases with age, allowing for a variety of age-related diseases to 
devastate the body.  CMX-1152 combats the body’s antioxidant decline by 
up-regulating production to young levels.


Independent laboratory analysis has already demonstrated encouraging 
corroboration of Lifeline’s affiliate research, indicating that 
CMX-1152 up-regulates key antioxidant enzymes by more than 400% above 
normal levels. In other studies, rats that suffered ischemic strokes 
were given CMX-1152 and the effects of the strokes were almost 
completely reversed. Similarly, geriatric mice that received the drug 
orally showed significant signs of returning youthfulness, with key 
natural antioxidant levels higher or on par with those of young mice.

  “Lifeline now has the opportunity to offer the solution to a major 
human need,” Mr. Driscoll said.  “CMX-1152 could very possibly be a 
multi-billion dollar product that brings hope to hundreds of millions 
of people worldwide who suffer due to the incredible ravages caused by 
free radicals and oxidation.”

Clinical trials for CMX-1152 as an over-the-counter oral supplement are 
expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2004.  
Lifeline intends to start marketing the product, possibly under the 
name Rejuven8r, by June 2004.  In the meantime, Lifeline is preparing 
to take advantage of its very unique competitive advantage in a huge 


In 2001, the Nutrition Business Journal estimated the total sales of 
dietary supplements to be a staggering $17.8 billion dollars.  In an 
attempt to hold off the onslaught of aging, $5 billion is spent 
annually on anti-aging products in the US alone, with more than $2 
billion of that directly attributable to antioxidant supplements.  
Unfortunately, these supplements cannot substitute for the 
effectiveness of the body’s natural antioxidants, due to dosage 
limitations, digestive tract barriers, poor absorption rates and 
inability to affect the body at the intra-cellular level.  CMX-1152, it 
is believed, overcomes all these barriers through its unique mode of 
action in up-regulating the body’s own antioxidant system.


Lifeline is a privately held, Denver-based company whose principle 
business is the manufacture, marketing and distribution of dietary 
supplements.  Lifeline Nutraceutical’s initial product and marketing 
focus is exclusively on its CMX-1152 product.  Lifeline has already 
commenced discussions with major corporations regarding sub-license 
agreements and other collaborative arrangements in order to 
aggressively bring CMX-1152 to the global market.

For more information, please contact Bill Driscoll at 720-488-1711 or 
billdriscoll at

More information about CMX-1152, including mode of action and 
scientific support, can be found on Lifeline’s website under the 
“Rejuven8r” section at:


CereMedix is a privately held development stage biotechnology company 
with a novel genetics-based technology platform and several drugs in 
development.  The company’s technology is founded on a patented 
discovery by Dr. Victor E. Shashoua of a family of peptides that can 
up-regulate endogenous human genes which express enzymes and growth 
factors. These enzymes and growth factors can defend and repair cells 
and tissues against oxidative damage caused by aging and numerous 
disease conditions.  CereMedix believes its unique approach to 
healthcare in utilizing natural healing properties of the body heralds 
the future of medicine.  The company’s candidate product portfolio 
includes potential drugs for pre-treatment of cardiac surgery-related 
trauma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), ischemic stroke, 
Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 
(ALS), Huntington’s disease, AIDS-related dementia, myocardial 
infarction, and multiple anti-aging indications.  The company’s most 
advanced therapeutic is an acute treatment that can reduce and protect 
against some of the damage caused by the trauma, including oxidative 
stress, of cardiac surgery and in particular artery bypass surgery.  
This drug candidate is expected to enter human clinical trials next 


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