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Good effort, but you forgot to mention the Chalcedon Foundation - B'nai 
B'rith - Ernest and Julio Gallo connection, the Bilderberger 
Gilder-Murdoch rift, the identity of Deepthroat, the "Cousins," the 
Andrews AFB Treaty of '47, and the true implications of "global 

I thought this was all covered in the CTMPTPW memo of 17-Oct-2003?  You 
are still on that list, right?  The Privy Council voted 5-2 last week 
to start leaking the ZR terraforming - global warming - petrochemical 
dependency angle.  Murdoch's holding out because they're thinking of 
trying "Dark Skies" again next spring to smooth the path, but Gilder's 
opposed and Rupert's in the minority.  (James Roger's PH model predicts 
less civil unrest if Rupert's agenda is executed, but various PCMs are 
nervous about making mark.)  Gilder's point is that in order to get the 
Cousins' CO2 genome hacks for the Chosen we've got to hit a 2007 
CO2-content milestone (per AAFBT47, Sec 10. P. 12-14) that we're going 
to miss if all the freakin' Greenies have their way.  And that's not 
good because the parallel Beta Plan effort isn't making headway because 
of rogue diversions of budget by the Zapata crew.  The rest of those 
bits are flak.

Oh, shit, did I send this to the whole FoRK list?

Woops.  There goes the fate of the world.



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