Jeff, you needed to clip coupons to ride the Concorde cheap

jbone at jbone at
Thu Oct 23 11:51:20 PDT 2003

Turpin inexplicably writes:

> Read it and weep:

Huh?  Jeff who?  If me, then it must be opposite day; you've somehow 
managed to find a story that gloms  together a whole slew of anti-memes 

Just for the record:

(1)  I couldn't care less if the last Concorde flight crashes on 
takeoff, just not interested.

(2)  Not fond of "biscuits" or sweets in general.

(3)  Probably weigh less than any other adult male on this list, except 
maybe Beberg who struggles to buy the daily ramen fix.

(4)  Think clipping coupons is an absolutely nonsensical waste of time 
and general value subtractor.

Totally puzzled.  Fun article, though.  What a fatass.  Beefcake!***


*** cf. South Park

PS - when will the damn Brits stop using "stone?"  That's the second 
article this week that I've seen w/ people's weights in stone.  I 
thought that went out w/ Oliver Cromwell?  The other article, FYI, was 
on Blaine.  What a moron.  I wish he'd qualified for the Darwin Award 
w/ that stunt.

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