Conspiracy Theories

jbone at jbone at
Thu Oct 23 12:16:41 PDT 2003

So let's drill in on "conspiracy theory" here a bit.  Joe's opined that 
there are plenty of conspiracy theorists and theories around these 
parts, but I don't see it.  First, "conspiracy" (in American law) is 
when 5 or more individuals collaborate to plan a felony or felonies.  
"Theory" implies something rather more...  well... theoretical than 
forwarding relatively mainstream media coverage of political events.

Are there conspiracies afoot?  Almost certainly.  (Diebold etc.  Rove / 
Plame.  Possibly the Yellow Cake Road debacle.  Election '00.  Enron.  
Bush-Saudi.  Etc.)  But there's a difference between desperately 
looking for ways to connect the dots and merely remarking on the lines 
in a drawing that's handed to you.  Hasn't been much "theory" around 
these parts, at least that I've seen.

Wouldn't mind a glimpse at the big picture, though, if their really are 
"conspiracy theorists" around here.  I feel ill-equipped to make sense 
of all the various bits and pieces of worldwide ugliness that seem to 
be floating up to the surface these days.  Somebody feel like pulling 
them together into some uber-picture?  One that doesn't involve grey 
aliens from Zeta Reticuli?  ;-)

As best I can figure it, what's going on in the world is nothing more 
mysterious than a weird convergence of interests between and 
circumstances among certain large corporations, an authoritarian 
religious right desirous of "theonomy" (whatever that is) and with 
certain eschatological interests, a resurgency of neo-Federalists, the 
typical late-empire hegemonistic urges on the part of certain atavistic 
groups and persons in America, and weird ties from the above to various 
players (or are they pawns?) on both sides (Israel and everybody else) 
in the New Great Game in the Middle East.

Nothing particularly mysterious or "conspiracy theoretic" about it.  
Just some interests that happen to align in a particularly nasty way.  
No less dangerous for all that, though.


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