8-Bit Rockers?

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Oct 23 16:40:27 PDT 2003

>Ever since I unsubbed from EMusic, I've had this experience: hear of a new
>band; go to EMusic to make sure they're not there; go "phew" when they
>aren't.  These guys aren't.  phew, I remain justified.

I think their mp3s are available legally - that's the
impression I got from the page I got them from.

>That's a great collection BTW -- I see you have the "V-Rock"
>CD from GTA: Vice City. cool!  Love Fist rock!

Thanks! Sadly, the GTA collection is 128k. My last obsession was listening
to every track so that the iTunes play count was 2 - that took me about
three months. My next and current obsession is getting 192 or VBR's of

>PS: the sooner someone comes up with a linux port of Waste (or a similar
>closed-network app), the better.   Not that that has any relevance to this
>message, of course.

Heh. I've been using Slsk of late, but I agree, a Wastix would rule.

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