8-Bit Rockers?

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Thu Oct 23 20:32:13 PDT 2003

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003, Morbus Iff wrote:

--]>OK, evidently we need to go find tcp based nes emus and just have us a
--]Two player TECMO BOWL would rule. Football games today suck. There was
--]a Win32 backed MAME-ish TCP thingy, but I've forgotten it's name too.
--]But, then again, it was Win32. Sigh.

Mamestuff I never saw done well over tcp...but NES...


I think FCE ultra would work for folks on Linux or Win
I used to use Nesticale but I see the dev on that stopped a few years ago.
Still it was a fast mambajamba even on the old gear.

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