Travelman's Secrets are safe on the Concorde ;-p

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[Don't worry Rohit, the plane will never tell of your experiences with 
waiting to hear the scream... (g)]

 Secrets safe in Concorde's '11-mile-high club'

Thursday, October 23, 2003 Posted: 9:22 PM EDT (0122 GMT)
*NEW YORK (Reuters) --* *The Concorde crew will not be drawn. Their lips 
are sealed. No one will reveal how many passengers may have made love at 
twice the speed of sound.*

"One of the things we offer in British Airways is discretion," veteran 
Concorde pilot Mike Bannister said on Thursday when asked if anybody had 
ever been tempted to join the "11-Mile High Club" aboard the 
needle-nosed jet.

"We have had many, many great people on the aircraft and we have been 
very, very careful to maintain their secrets -- whatever they might be," 
he told Reuters in New York on the eve of the plane's last commercial 
flight, back to London.

Flying close to the edge of space at more than 2,000 km/h (1,250 mph), 
Concorde is in a league of its own when compared with the lower 
altitudes of lust known as the "mile high club."

To the "11 mile high club" belongs the ultimate jet set -- rock stars, 
Hollywood sirens, business executives and anyone else rich enough to 
spend over $11,000 on a return flight across the Atlantic.

Concorde, with a body less than three meters wide, has cramped toilets 
just like more pedestrian planes. Though the Concorde crew's lips are 
sealed, a recent newspaper account of the sexy needle-nosed jet's last 
days in the air reveal that passengers may be less restrained.

A correspondent from The Times of London wrote after a supersonic 
journey last week that an Australian couple decided to go to the toilet 
together and emerged with a grin.

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