David Kelly's death: suicide or murder?

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Fri Oct 24 08:19:27 PDT 2003

Greg says:

> I heard this same story about Ron Brown, Chandra
> Levy, and a dozen other conspiracies. The trick
> for these stories is that, some of the facts passed
> along as facts haven't been fact checked--something
> easily done by contacting the person in the story
> (if they exist) and verifying their statements.

Sure, sure.  I'm not vouching for the truth value of any of the 
statements in the original article, indeed don't know enough to have an 
opinion.  However, let's be clear that the while the article in 
question is speculative and worthy of skepticism, the above doesn't 
constitute any kind of disproof, either... unless Greg's gone and 
fact-checked and found contradictions, which of course he hasn't.

Let's also red-flag the use of the word "conspiracy" as a loaded FUD / 
spin-word;  we don't know how many people might've been involved, if 
any.  Conspiracy takes 5. ;-)

I suspect that this investigation will prove perhaps more interesting 
and rigorous than some others have been, given the political climate in 
the U.K. these days.  Regardless of how it comes out --- and it'll 
probably be just a suicide, of course --- it's still rather interesting 
in the larger context.


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