Jeff, you needed to clip coupons to ride the Concorde cheap

Dave Long dl at
Fri Oct 24 12:02:16 PDT 2003

> (4)  Think clipping coupons is an absolutely nonsensical waste of time 
> and general value subtractor.

I don't think anyone's bothered to
clip coupons of the financial kind
for the last couple of decades; if
I'm not totally out of the loop on
RAH's progress, it's all done with
book entries. 

How does one receive payments on an
Internet Bearer Bond, anyway?  Will
it be a matter of clicking coupons?


:: :: ::

Oh, you meant the other kind.  Well,
I guess there _are_ outsourcers:
but buying coupons doesn't give one
the same opportunity to meditate on
"measure twice, cut once" as does a
a bead run on coupons self-clipped.

(Sorry for going on in this vein; I
was bitterly disappointed that the
post I thought had the title "Rove,
Nordquist, etc." turned out to be a
regular political forward, and not
a promise for future RNC letters to
be entertainingly cryptosensical)

:: :: ::

> Speaking of  Old Mold grows...I actualy have chord cahcnges down for one
> of the songs "Striaght Edge Daddy" but as an acoustic number it sounds
> as ridiulous as jewel doing hip hop.

along the lines of eminenya?

I ran across the following song when
finding out just what a "Wobbly" was,
and thought it might have relevance
to the War On Errorism:

>   When I was growing up,
>   had my troubles I suppose.
>   When someone took exception
>   to my face or to my clothes.
>   Or tried to cheat me on the job
>   or hit me on the head.
>   When I organized to fight back,
>   why the stinkers called me Red
>   But ya ain't done nothing
>   if ya ain't been called a Red
>   if you marched or agitated,
>   then you're bound to hear it said.
>   So you might as well ignore it
>   or love the word instead.
>   Cuz ya ain't been doing nothing
>   if ya ain't been called a Red.

I don't know what tune Mr. Keenan had
in mind, but it can be sung along to
the "battle hymn of the republic".

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