XML in hardware: Conformative <CSXi> server appliances

Jim Whitehead ejw at cse.ucsc.edu
Fri Oct 24 12:06:02 PDT 2003


Conformative’s Approach

Conformative Systems offers an innovative approach to XML processing with
our <CSXi>™ server appliances that offload this function from
general-purpose application servers, database servers, and Web servers. Our
server appliances offer XML data processing and data transformation speeds
of up to 1 Gbps and enable up to a 20X performance improvement over
conventional processing methods.

Based on open standards and a parallel architecture, Conformative’s <CSXi>™
server appliances are software-configurable and easily integrated into
existing networks. They enable IT organizations to preserve investments in
existing server infrastructures and reduce server operating costs by
transferring XML processing to a dedicated cost-effective server appliance.
And, they enable the migration of large high volume legacy applications to
Web services environments. Currently most web services applications deployed
by businesses have been secondary or non-critical business applications due
to the prohibitive costs associated with the IT infrastructures required to
support these initiatives. With the advent of Conformative’s server
appliances, mission-critical business applications can be cost effectively
moved to the web services business model.

Although Conformative’s technology is applicable to the wider market that
includes routers, firewalls, Web servers, rendering devices, data
transformation engines, etc., we are initially focused on the rendering
(transformations from XML to PDF, HTML, PostScript, etc .) and database
front end (XML <--> SQL/relational) segments. Our approach is different from
that offered by other XML processing systems in that we offer parsing and
full conversion as well as hardware acceleration. This full hardware
approach enables much higher performance -- up to a 20X improvement over
conventional XML processing methods.

- Jim

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