XML in hardware: Conformative <CSXi> server appliances

Jim Whitehead ejw at cse.ucsc.edu
Fri Oct 24 12:19:36 PDT 2003

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The Westbridge XMS 3.0 is up to 17x faster then previous version for XML
processing and cryptography
Performance is critical to operating a mission-critical XML Web Services
network. In the latest release, Westbridge Technology has added many
capabilities, including the "Smart Parser" technology to significantly boost
XML processing performance. This coupled with fully integrated support for
hardware acceleration from vendors like Chrysalis (now part of Rainbow
Technologies) and nCipher enable performance gains for security processing.

The XML Message Server (XMS) 3.0 is the culmination of a year long,
multi-release process which has significantly enhanced the performance of
the XMS. The XMS 2.0 had excellent performance for the most common Web
Service Management tasks. The XMS 3.0 has significant performance
improvements, specifically in the areas of cryptographic processing, schema
validation, and XLST transformation.

Boosting Security Performance

Cryptography is an important part to security, particularly for operations
such as decryption and signature verification. However, use of long private
keys can result in significant processing requirements to support XML
Encryption, SSL communication and XML Signature. In order to boost XML
security performance, Westbridge Technology has made specific software
optimizations and has fully integrated hardware acceleration options
available to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Boosting XML Performance

With the XMS 3.0, Westbridge provides the "Smart Parser" technology to slash
XML processing time. XML documents tend to be verbose and can introduce new
processing requirements on operations such as schema validation, content
inspection and data transformation, depending on their sizes and structures.

The Smart Parser is based on patent-pending technology that significantly
reduces processing time for common XML operations. These capabilities

Streaming of XML versus building trees
Intelligent caching of credentials, schemas and style sheets
"Only as needed" processing
Pre-compiled rulesets

With the Smart Parser in the XMS 3.0, the time to process some XML
operations is 12 times faster than previous release.

Westbridge is working with XML acceleration vendors to provide
hardware-based XML processing solutions as they are introduced to the market
for further acceleration capabilities.

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