Okay, this is weird. God pissed at "Christ?"

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Double points for the best quip on this one.



Lightning strikes Gibson's 'Christ'

ROME, Italy --Actor Jim Caviezel, who plays Jesus in Mel Gibson's 
controversial film "The Passion of Christ" was struck by lightning 
during shooting.

Caviezel was uninjured, but a producer described how he saw smoke 
coming from the actor's ear.

An assistant director on the film, Jan Michelini, was also hit -- for 
the second time in a few months.

The first time, a lightning fork struck his umbrella during filming on 
top of a hill near Matera in Italy, causing light burns to the tips of 
his fingers, VLife, a supplement to Variety publications said in its 
October issue.

A few months later the second strike happened, a few hours from Rome.

Michelini was again carrying an umbrella, and standing next to Caviezel 
on top of a hill, the magazine said.

Both were hit, with the main bolt striking Caviezel while one of its 
forks hit Michelini's umbrella. Neither were hurt.

The film, which is spoken in Latin and Aramaic, has come in for 
criticism from some religious leaders. It portrays the last hours of 
Jesus, but some Jewish and Roman Catholic groups are concerned the film 
will fuel anti-Semitism.

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