The Tragedy of Garrett Hardin

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> The Wall Street Journal
> October 21, 2003
> The Tragedy of Garrett Hardin
> The philosopher Garrett Hardin and his wife Jane died last month by mutual
> suicide. His passing received too little attention; perhaps this week's
> memorial service at the Unitarian Society in Santa Barbara, Calif., will
> change that. Hardin was a brilliant, wise and gentle man who was often
> desperately wrong, and the ways in which a person can be wise and gentle
> and yet wrong can tell us much.

"Wise and gentle"?  This monkey and his sexual appliance, both
rendered fat and sleek at public expense no doubt, advocated killing
me because he felt inconvenienced by standing behind me in line at
the bank.  Good riddance to another ivory-tower murderer, a direct
inspirer of Earth First and other "die back" advocates.

"Philosopher"?  Last I looked he was a professor of biology.

"Wise and gentle" means the thug lacked the courage to act on his
bloodthirsty convictions -- he was not gentle -- or he did not
believe the things he said for money -- he was not wise.

Dave "Only I am allowed panaceae"

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