A quarter a megabyte

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 26 07:28:28 PST 2003

Through the 28th, SimpleTech 256Mb USB keychain memory
is available at Fry's for $50, after a $20 rebate. I'm
not big on gizmos and toys, especially ones that cost
half a C note. But I find this pretty remarkable, not
just in cost, but what this capacity in this kind of
package allows.

Up until now, there's always been one machine that was
"my computer," in the sense that it held the most
recent version of my personal data files, including
my financial records, business correspondence,
personal projects, pictures, etc. I always organized
this under a single folder, for easy backup, most
recently to Zip drive. This new flash drive eliminates
the notion of "my computer." Any PC or Windows machine
becomes "mine," temporarily, when I push the flash
drive into the USB port. Backups are easier, because I
can use any machine with a CD writer.

The big change is that I'm more thoroughly computer
agnostic. All that's mine is my data. And that is in
a little piece of plastic about the size of a
matchbook. The one kludginess is that I have to
attach both my PDA cradle and flash drive to one
machine, in order to sync data. Now if only my PDA
had a USB port, and would sync directly to the flash

Of course, you can get half-GB or GB flash drives.
But for me, the sweet spot in the curve was the
quarter GB for $50.

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